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  The love and respect for the land runs in our family for generations. Our grandfather worked with herbs as Herbaria”s employee. He was also a beekeeper and he was passionate about collecting different species of grapes. He introduced us to hard work and the love of the fauna. Our father continued his path as an agricultural engineer planting fruit trees.

The five grandchildren are happy to take care of the fruits and develop the company.

    Our fruits are situated in the  Transdanubian hills , in the Völgység, in the south- western part of the county. Most of the lands are covered by loess.

    We are growing apricot in approximately 20 hectares in an exceptionally lucky position on a hilltop, in the southern ranges where the frost is rare . We grow bio sour cherries in almost 25 hectares in isolated land surrounded by forests. We grow apples in a smaller area. We produce juices every year.

     The Szekszárd wine region is famous for a reason. It has more than 2,100 hectares of red grapes registered in the region. Gamay is prominent, growing in a third of the total cultivated vineyard area. Other significant grapes in the regin include Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Zweigelt. Kadarka, which is known since the Turkish era is on the increase. Our family is involved in growing grapes on the Szekszárd wine region.


7100 Szekszárd,


Csige Anna

Tel 00 36 20 371 4540

Csige Márta

Tel 00 36 20 369 7459




The love for the land is inherited from generation to generation which has resulted in a successful family business, the Csige Kert.


Responsible gardening is showing a return on the long term and helps us going forward if we pay attention and perceive our enviroment’s capabilites and signs. If we adjust production to the capability of the terrain and build up sustainable and eco-friendly agricultural methods then we take a step towards adapting to the climate change.

We view responsible gardening as an umbrella term which contains every possible way to make our gardens enviroment-friendly. From the agriculture to the packing and delivering of our products we are paying more and more attention to eco-friendly leadership.
We use integrated plant protection when it comes to our apricot, apple and grape gardens. In our sour cherry and walnut garden we are using ecological agriculture.


Our father was always prudent about choosing our lands and we all adore beautiful lands, south facing hillsides and amazing views. In the Völgység there are many little brooks, sunny forest and lake. We are in a very lucky position that our fruits are situated around them.

The favorable situation, the excellent substance are important in the emergence of taste and savour.

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(Peti, Anna, Andris, Márti) 1996


The importance of the bees in lives of plants and flowers are not commonly known by the people. Although, many species of fruit trees, plants and flowers would be condemned to extinction without them. Luckily there is a mutually beneficial work: the plants provide the bees with the nutrition they need – pollen and nectar – and the bees pollinate them so they can grow the fruits.

In our gardens the necessary mowing every once or twice a year helps the emergence of high biodiversity. The grassy vegetation which is rich in species and the installed bee-pastures create and ideal enviroment for the pollinator insects.

Our beekeeper friends like to bring their beehives during the blossoming period.


In our gardens we are paying attention to minimalise the damage to helpful fauna when mowing.

We placed artificial bird nests and insect hideaways which creates opportunities of biological protection and also keeps the birds safe.

We keep the rosehip, hawtorn and mulberry bushes next to our fences because these are the homes and victuals of the local birds. In many cases we leave forest patches in our fruit gardens so the animals have a place to hide.

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